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    P3-733mhz, 256MB RAM, IE 5.5

    Mine varies between 11.3 and 11.6 seconds. I would think that since Shockwave is a client-side app, then the PC would play a large role in how fast the bird can get around the track. Of course, the human driver should have the saem handicap. I beat the bird a couple of times......barely.
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    Best time: 11.93... ugh... so close!
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    I guess it is computer dependent. On a 400MHz G4 I get about 21 seconds, easily beating the computer on level 5 which gets between 22 - 23 seconds.
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    OK people, if you have gotten bored with level 5, try this out.
    Right click on the screen after you set up your track. You should see an option "Fast Forward". Click it. No, on second thought, ingest lots of caffeine, then click it.
    Start as usual.
    It goes REALLY fast. Have fun.
    (I can't take credit for finding that feature, a guy I work with discovered it.)
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    Check out This Track!
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    OK, I know this isn't related to the racing game, but it's still a cool page:
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