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    I understand the basic concept of instant messaging and chat but have not ever used it. I'd like to branch out a bit. I have friends on AOL(I'm not) that use that IM - my question can I use ICQ to IM/Chat with them? I visited the ICQ site but didn't see anything about communicating with AOL.

    I had searched here at VC and found a few threads about ICQ for the Visor that seemed to indicate that AIM and ICQ could work but not enough info to help.

    Sorry if this seems like a no-brainer - I just know from past experience the folks that frequent VC have been very knowledgable and helpful. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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    As far as I know, the two networks are completely separate. I have accounts on both on my laptop. Are you wanting to use this on your Visor, or PC? I have only found ICQ for the Visor, and it works quite well. If anyone has a link to AIM for the Visor, that would be appreciated.

    Anyway, I use both ICQ and AIM on my laptop, and they run side by side, separately. I don't think there is a way to use your ICQ ID on the AOL IM network, or vice versa. Sorry.
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    Just go onto the AOL website, and look under AIM software. They have a catagory there that will allow you to get the softwarre for the palm. I'm using it with my minstrel modem, and it works great, but you can also use it with a land line modem.

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    Sweet, thanks.
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    I operate an IRC channel dedicated to ICQ users, on the undernet go to #icq, or check out our website at If there is a question that we can help you with, then just pop in and ask it.

    Also for thoes of you who know something about ICQ or other IM networks, come by too, we are always looking for people to join the comunity and help out.

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