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    WE are a lost cause... not really, but this site, will (with $1000) make us guy geeks cool! And forthe lady's their's I find this too cool, and funny!

    Is that better?
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    check your links, ace.
    I've decided to become enigmatic.
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    I must admit, that site is very funny, but who here needs that kind of a service

  4. #4 is definitely better .. I mean, what hip urban girl hasn't dreamed about learning the ins and outs of XML, SOAP, JSP, Linux, LANs, and debugging?!?! though i kinda think the commitment of spending only $700 is a bit unrealistic.. to become a true Geek girl, i would imagine one must spend several thousand dollars -- i mean, you need to develop your internal high speed network complete with servers and multiple workstations then get lots of really thick books that line an entire wall in your house, not to mention posters of devil Bill Gates (or possibly Bill Gates w/pie in the face) and one heavenly Linus Torvalds hanging out with a pengiun...

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