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    please note the date of the article...
    exit, pursued by a bear.
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    Originally posted by matty
    please note the date of the article...
    april 4, 2001. what about it?

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    The article is dated 04.04.01 20:13 GMT but maybe they run a little slow in the frozen north of Scandanavia :-)
    Personally I think the picture does anything but "speak for itself"
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    According to the article
    ..Alas, the device you see above is just a mock-up - although a very, very good-looking one...
    The article clearly states it's not real, probably not going to be, and definitely isn't "inside" news.
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    I think that that's one of the ugliest PDA's ever. Who thinks that that looks good, ans why do you think that?

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    This is a prototype for sure. Check this out There are some cool ideas here. CLick on the apple underneath the guy on the home page...check out the G4 Tube. I like that one a lot.
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    It's not a prototype. Applele (the same people who are making Apple palm pics) are guys working for some Japanese (or Chinese or Vietnamese, etc.) company that make mock-ups. Read about it here. Now, back to your regularly scheduled pipe dream.

    BTW, I have some land by the ocean here. Real good price. Email me and we'll discuss a deal.
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    They would realy need too incress screen res if this were going to work, and put the screen on the other side of the phone...

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