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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal View Post

    .............Remember to send me an invite from you Wii to ours and then you can download any of our Mii's to your system too.
    Kendall likes your Stormtrooper, Princess Leia and wants to see your C3P0...can you tell she's a Star Wars fan? She's dying to try to make Harry Potter Miis!
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    That's son loves the Star Wars Lego games, so we made Mii's of all of the Star Wars character, lego style! And I agree no Mii collection is complete without Harry Potter wondering around somewhere....and luckily he is very easy to do.
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    LOL! Kendall loves the Star Wars Lego game...she has it for her PSP and her PS2. Is it available for the Wii?

    I've been looking at the big retail stores' websites and they're all out of stock, of course. But, the prices are all over the place, some are "bundles". There are so many accessories available...I have don't know the difference between what I need and what I want . I don't want to go overboard on the first day...
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    At the very least you need another controller and another nun-chuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130 View Post
    LOL! Kendall loves the Star Wars Lego game...she has it for her PSP and her PS2. Is it available for the Wii?
    Nope, not for the Wii, but we have it for the Gamecube....which the Wii can play. So when you buy your Wii you will be getting a Gamecube console as a bonus!

    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130 View Post
    I've been looking at the big retail stores' websites and they're all out of stock, of course. But, the prices are all over the place, some are "bundles". There are so many accessories available...I have don't know the difference between what I need and what I want . I don't want to go overboard on the first day...
    I am not up on all the bundles available, but the few I have seen, I haven't cared for that much.

    Here are the necessary accessories:
    • 1-3 extra Wiimotes (controller) depending on how many family members you want to play at the same time...i.e. teams playing tennis, baseball, multiplayer mini-games, etc.... I would recommend to get at LEAST one extra to start with. Then get another each month or so if wanted. If you need to buy a controller anyways, buy the Game Wii Play as it should come with an extra controller. We personally have 4.
    • 1-3 extra Nunchucks. Get an extra nunchuck for each of the extra Wiimotes you buy
    • SD Memory Card: Depending on what you want depends on if this is need or a want. If you want to have a family slide show of pictures of your family & friends with your own MP3 music playing in the background, then this is a need. If not, then there is enough memory built in to cover the vast majority of the users with downloaded Virtual Console games, saved games, etc.. If you run out of internal memory, then yes this becomes a Need again. But with 1 gig cards running as low as $25 now, it is nice to have either way.

    Here are the wants accessories:
    • Classic Controller. It is nice to have one of these...but if you have Gamecube controllers you can use them as well most of the time, if you cannot use the original Wiimote...which most of the time you can. In fact really the only reason we bought this controller is because it offers a wireless alternative to our wired Gamecube controllers. These are for the Virtual Console retro games that you can download. They average $5-8 each (you buy Wii Points and then use that to purchase the games). Some of these are great for those who grew up with video games. My son actually has really enjoyed several of these older games
    • Wiimote & Nunchuck Gloves: These are actually nice to have as they do add a good grip and feel to the controllers, but are not necessary. If you have a several kids, you can get them in different colors so they know which Wiimote is thiers (this is useful if they keep their own Mii's saved in the controller to share when they use their Wiimote on a friend's Wii system) If you get them, make sure you get the one that has the gloves for BOTH the Wiimote and the Nunchuck, not just the Wiimote alone...they are both the same price $9.99 in store. Actually you can get these for as little as $3 with shipping on eBay.
    • Wiimote add-ons: You can get a steering wheel or a set that includes atennis racket, golf club, and baseball bat. With these you snap in your Wiimote and use it. The only real helping one is the steering wheel if you have any driving games, but again it is not necessary plus a couple driving games like Monster Truck come with one.
    • Carrying Case: This is only needed if you take the system with you. For example we go on 3 day weekends every couple months and we will often times bring it with us so we can just have some fun...especially if we know it going to raining. Make sure you shop around on the net and at several gaming stores to get the case that you like. Otherwise, you don't need it. There are just Wiimote and Nunchuck cases if your kids take their Wiimotes to a friend's house to play with too.
    • Wii Organizing Stand: This is a want. It comes with a basic stand that works great. We simply have a plastic basket/tub next to the Wii for the controllers and a CD wallet for the games
    • Wii HDMI Cable: This certainly a want only. If you have a HiDef TV you can use this cable to get a higher resolution of the games. We have it, and it does improve it, but not a wow factor difference. Do NOT pay $40 in the store for this. You can get one in eBay for $10-20.
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  6. #26 head is spinning!!! I was having enough trouble with the system itself! the extra Wiimotes and Nun-Chucks are a must, I have four kids and that would be a huge battle! The gloves sound cool. Is it the Wiimotes or the gloves that are available in different colors? That would really help, my kids are possessive . A memory card isn't necessary, but if they want to save games they'll need it? How much memory is enough? They usually listen to the stereo while playing, so they wouldn't need it for music.

    I'm so glad "mistercoffee" started this thread. I would have no idea what I was doing if not for you guys. I would have brought home this game system and watched the fur fly while they fought over who got to play. It's a good thing my daughter is adept at this stuff, because all I'm doing is buying it...she has to set it all up .
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    Only the gloves are in different colors. All Wiimotes and nunchucks in the US are white (Japan has different colored ones though....which I guess is the advantage of playing at the home field!).

    The Cliff Notes version :

    1. Buy 1-3 extra Wiimotes and Nunchucks.
    2. Everything else can come later if wanted.

    Sorry for the information overload......The only reason I laid it out like that is it is really easy not to know what you DON'T have to buy once you are in the store with the Wii in hand and looking at a whole aisle of accessories that the sales guy is saying you MUST have.
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    No...I'm glad you explained all the accessories available . I had seen them on various websites, but had no idea what they were for. If you hadn't explained it, I probably would have thought I had to buy all of them!

    Okay...3 Wiimotes and 3 Nun-Chucks. I'm still on my search...sold out at every CC, BB and Toys R Us in the Atlanta area
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    I would also ask if they have any in transit and if so when will they arrive. Good Luck!

    EDIT: Also instead of buying one of the Wiimotes, buy the game Wii Play as it comes with a Wiimote. So basically you are buying a Wiimote and the game is only $20.
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    Thanks! Watch for our Miis...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mistercoffee1 View Post
    Title says it all. I mainly play sports games. Not much into shooters.
    Any opinions? I've perused all the fan boy sites, but they are just that. Those guys can't get halfway into a thread without a flame war.
    Mister Coffee, to help answer your original question, here is a line up of some of the sport titles that will be coming out on the Wii system this year:

    • Madden 07 (football) --already out -- Great reviews
    • MLB '07 The Show (baseball)
    • SSX Blur (snow boarding) -- is out now
    • Mario Striker Charged (soccer)
    • The Bigs (baseball) -- Summer 07
    • Mario Kart (racing)
    • Blitz: The League (baseball) -- March
    • Boxing Action -- (obvious)
    • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 (golf) March -- pretty decent previews
    • Wii Motor Sports & Airplane -- (driving) Oct
    • TNA Impact -- (wrestling)
    • Final Furlong -- (horse racing) March
    • Pilotwings -- (flight simulation)
    • Super Swing Golf -- out now
    • Wii Shooting
    • Super Smash Bros Brawl -- (fighting)
    • Pixar's Cars (track car racing) -- out now
    • Excite Truck (off road racing) -- out now
    • Monster 4x4 World Circuit (off road track racing) -- out now
    • Need for Speed: Carbon (street racing)
    • GT Pro (racing) -- out now -- I do not recommend this one
    • Rapala Tournament Fishing -- out now -- great potential but reviews say they did not program controls good
    • Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam (skateboarding) -- out now
    • ...and of course....Wii Sports...maybe basic but addictive

    Pretty good line up for the Wii for only being the first year out especially considering this is only the sports related titles (i.e. not counting shooters, action/adventure, movie based titles, Mario franchise, strategy, etc...), and these are only ones that I know about.
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