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    Where I work we have a Billion 7404VGP-M. We have set up a VPN login, and this works fine to see the printers and computers on our office LAN.

    My boss travels O/S a lot, and would like a solution where he is able to VPN in to our Billion 7404VGP-M in the office in Australia, and send and receive email through our local isp account in Australia rather than reconfiguring his mail settings in each new O/S city.

    Like I said he can VPN in OK, but at the moment once he is logged in, he has no access to web or email.

    Are there ports I need to open or what do I need to do to make this happen?
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    is this a phone or a laptop?

    his email and web browsing capabilities work when he is at the office and connected to the network?

    what operating system is he running and do you have details (omitting login info, of course) on the vpn setup?
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    Laptop... Yes everything in the office works fine. Not wanting to put you off, but its Mac OS X built in VPN client. I can see him when he is logged in on the router.
    Everybody seems to think this should just work? Except a friend who is a network engineer with a large ISP down here in Aus, who didn't see any reason why it should work without tweeking.

    Part of our setup is a "Head Office / Branch Office" VPN between two locations as well. This is set up as per the instruction manual that accompanied the routers. It appears to work fine between the two offices. Is it possible that the fact that we have this configuration, that there is a conflict between this and the "remote login" VPN?

    Hmmm...The brain ticks over... would billion disable "use default gateway on remote network" as part of their standard "Head Office / Branch Office" VPN setup to stop confusion between the two routers about what to do with internet traffic?

    If its a complicated problem, don't worry, I appreciate your time but don't wish to waste it.

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