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    I was just sorting through my desk drawer when I found the Handspring sticker that come with my VDx.

    I couldn't think of a use for it then, and I can't think of a use for it now.

    So, where have you put yours?

    (This is assuming that Handspring still include a funky sticker with the Visors, and anybody knows what I am talking about!)

    Oooh, just had a thought - I'll think I'll stick it on my motorbike, so it'll look like a sponsors sticker
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    It was on the rear passenger window of my car until my girlfriend made too much fun of me for it (she since received a visor of her own...). Alas, gone now.

    Maybe the warranty covers it and I can get a replacement?
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    I am one of the morons who bought a CD-ROM on eBay with "thousands of glorious palm applications" which were for the most part totally useless (thankfully I only paid five bucks for it). I put my sticker on the outside of that CD case so I can identify it. Word to the wise, don't buy one of those CDs - I can't believe I fell for it.
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    Originally posted by dietrichbohn
    It was on the rear passenger window of my car until my girlfriend made too much fun of me for it
    Mine is on the rear glass of my pickup truck cap - even though my wife makes fun of me.
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    It's right above my desk. I have a Tivo doll is strapped to the back of my 4X4, one in my girlfreinds car and one on the TV.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    I actually have two. One a sticker, the other a self stick glass magnet. Both are still in the box. they are pretty big and conspicuous and I don't are put them anywhere my wife would see.
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    My Handspring sticker right now is on the front of my PC case, on the empty drive bays. It looks great! I also have a huge 20+ square inch sticker that I made on the bottom half of my case.

    My Windows Sticker is in the box, waiting for me to get a car

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    My window cling is on a side rear window (behind the rear passenger door; not a window that goes up and down) of my car. My girlfriend made good-natured fun of it for a couple of days, and that was that. The car's lease is in my name, so I'll put whatever damn sticker I want in the window.

    The other sticker resides on my metal toolbox, along with dozens of other promo-type stickers I've gotten over the years.
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    The static cling sticker is on my original ice hardcover... when I decide on using either a FlipCover or Flip-Clip/Flip-Lid, I'll move it.
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