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    While they haven't listed it as a new site, I pretty much know week in and week out what Avantgo is offering for channels, and I hadn't noticed "Metacritic" before. This channel lists new movies in theatres, and new video releases with fairly extensive reviews.

    Very cool to have the ratings handy while at the video store. Also a great opportunity to impress young chicks while walking around with your Ice VDX.
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    I apologize for pandering to stereotypes, but you'll probably impress the guys more.
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    There is more headed for Avantgo....sometime around the 14th the 4.0 ver of their software will become availble for download.

    New web stuff are in the works.
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    I've found that both Metacritic and on AvantGo can take up to 15 minutes to update, and sometimes it doesn't even update at all! was very bad about this. I finally made my own channel for reviews and times. I went to, put in my zip, gave it a certain radius (10 miles) and then went to the printer friendly version of that page. If you also make the channel 2 links deep, you can pick up the reviews without nearly as much room being taken up as MetaCritic and It's not as nice and neat as the other two, but I find small, simple and it doesn't waste my time.
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    Okay so maybe it was the actions of my precocious 4 and 5 year old boys as I checked the review for "The Chicken Run" in the kiddie section that attracted all the attention.

    "Is that a Visor in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

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