I am about to rip my hair out! Anyway, here's how the story goes. I've had my eBay account since December of 2004. I've always payed my fees on time for the most part, but unfortunately I had a balance go to collections back in November 2006, and my ebay account was temporarily suspended. Well, 2 days after I was contacted and informed it had gone to collections, I paid that balance.

Fast forward to today (3 months later). I am still receiving collections calls from I.C. System (www.icsystem.com/). Ever since I paid that balance back in November 2006, I've still received collections calls from them. This occurs sometimes up to 5 times a day, and up to 5 days a week. I have repeated told their associated that my balance was paid long ago, and they even look it up in their system and confirm that with me, and then they apologize and tell me that I won't receive calls from them anymore. Less than 24 hours later, I am receiving calls from them again! I've called back and asked for their management and supervisors, and explained the situation to them. They, too, have confirmed that my balance has been paid, they apologize, and also tell me that i won't receive calls from them anymore. What happens? Yup, the calls start again!

I find this to be very ridiculous and very, very rude and annoying. Being a very tolerant person, I haven't really considered any actions on my part until today. I received 3 more calls, and explained the situation to each person i spoke with. When I got home from work, I filed a complaint with the FTC (FTC Consumer Complaint Form), but I want to go deeper. Is there anyone else that I can/should get in contact with in order to get this awful company off my back? Do I need to go at the local, state or national level? BBB or state attorney general?

Any insight/assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!