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    Originally posted by saxmatt
    foo: If you don't like the 'loony' interface 2 clicks will have you in the classic NT mode.
    Yah, but where is the fun in that?

    Microsoft showed a demo of XP at CES (it was still codenamed Whistler at that time), and during the presentation, they seemed to have some other theme up that didn't look at all like Luna. Whatever that was beautiful! I hope to see more stylish and elegant themes included in the final release.
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    I think that's the Professional Theme, but I heard that Microsoft killed that theme.
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    Themes shouldn't be part of the OS. Part of what makes a GUI usable is consistency. Not only from application to application, but from computer to computer.

    For people to get the most out of an OS, they should be able to use any computer with that OS without having to learn a new interface. And while 'themes' don't necessarily change the funtionality of an interface, they certainly change the way a person sitting down to the computer will react with it.

    Themes are fine for those that REALLY want to mess with things, and both Macs and PCs have had these for a while.

    Another argument for not having themes is that the interface should not be in the way of the applications. In otherwords, you should be focused on the task and hand and not have to be distracted by the eye-candy of the interface.

    I went through a 'theme' stage a while back, but eventually defaulted back to the standard themes. There IS a reason they are designed the way they are.
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    Originally posted by foo fighter

    I have a feeling it may need a little more than 256MB. I've noticed that every tech journalist that has reviewed Beta 2 of XP was supplied with a Notebook PC (running XP), from Microsoft, for testing the OS. Every single one of those portables was equiped with 320MB Ram. If XP needs 256MB, then why are all of these systems outfitted with more? It can't be just a coincidence.
    I'm running/testing it on 128MB of RAM with no problems. Boots quicker and runs a little faster than my regular desktop with a faster processor, 256MB RAM and Win2K.

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    Originally posted by akur
    I think that's the Professional Theme, but I heard that Microsoft killed that theme.
    Nope, it wasn't the Professional theme. What I saw had a beautiful wallpaper that featured a blue sky background with a green pasture in the foreground. And the Start Menu (or Start Panel) also had a sky background to match the wallpaper. Window borders also carried over the same theme. Like I said, whatever it was very elegant. I hope to see it back again.
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    This one?
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    Originally posted by akur
    This one?
    Well, that is definately the wallpaper I looked at. But the window borders and new Start Menu had matching elements to them, instead of the Luna interface in your picture.

    Like I said, I hope MS brings it back.
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