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    Okay....after 5 years (including years of delays) and MS dropping much of their original goals for the new OS mid stream.......MS Vista is finally released today.

    I am going to be getting it within the next few weeks.

    This thread is dedicated to your experience with the final Retail release.....the good, the bad, the really cool things, and the ugly.
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    Good thread subject! I'd be curious to see how many who try it will dual-boot vs. those who will just upgrade to it ...
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    It is time to wipe my system clean now anyways. So I am going to go with the full install, knowing (hopefully) it will be easy to go back if needed with a new install of XP.
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    I checked it out on my bro's PC, it looks pretty slick.

    I'm holding off though because of all the stories about it not being able to run older games, that's a major bummer.
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    That's cool if timing works well for you on system cleanout / start fresh. I always like dual-boot options just for app compatibility and fallback sorta jazz ...

    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal View Post
    It is time to wipe my system clean now anyways. So I am going to go with the full install, knowing (hopefully) it will be easy to go back if needed with a new install of XP.
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    Bill gates vista presentation..Enjoy on your WM player.
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    Here is the official Vista Blog by Microsoft. I haven't explored it yet, but it will probably have extras to download, updated news of service packs, possibly drivers, etc....

    About Vista Blog

    The Windows Vista Team Blog is a collaboration among various employees of Microsoft's Windows division. It's our aim to take you behind the scenes of the Windows Vista development process, give you a sense of who we are and the decisions and challenges we face daily, and hopefully show you something new once in awhile, too.

    Topics we cover include delving into the development process, points of view from our partners, customers and people on the Windows Vista team at Microsoft, and context or "back story" that explains why the product is the way it is today, and how it got to be that way.

    It's all in an effort to provide you with the information you need to be a more informed Windows Vista user.

    We hope that the insight and analysis provided via this blog will spark interesting and useful conversations for everyone who visits. We expect some of the commentary the blog receives to be controversial or even critical in nature, but that's part and parcel of the blogoshpere. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that your feedback is reviewed by and relayed to the Windows Vista product team on a regular basis.
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    I am sure this link will prove vital for many us here that are going to upgrade. It includes not only tech support type help, but hardward compability, etc...:

    Windows Vista Technet Page
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    Here is also PC Magazines 15 Vista Tips & Tricks:,1895,2088459,00.asp

    1. If you hate the look of Aero, click Start/Control Panel/Themes and you can choose a non-Aero theme, such as Windows Classic.

    2. Windows Vista's installer can detect serial-ATA (SATA) drives without the need to provide a driver diskette. Don't bother creating a diskette for your SATA drives before you install Vista.

    3. If, for some reason, the Vista installation gets interrupted due to an unintentional shutdown or reboot, start the computer without booting the Vista DVD. Windows Vista's installer should pick up where it left off. If it does-n't, then restart the installation over from scratch.

    4. When you perform a search with Vista's new, instant search feature, you can save the search in a special folder. This powerful feature allows you to create a virtual folder which, by default, is saved in your \\Searches\ folder. Every time you open such a folder, the search results are updated.

    5. In Windows Vista, you can add additional clocks to the system tray. Click the clock, and then click Date and Time Settings. Click the Additional Clocks tab. You can add one or two additional clocks to the tray and select their time zones.

    6. You can save your progress in most of the games included with Windows Vista—even the carry-overs from earlier versions of Windows.

    7. You can create XML documents, which are more secure than regular text files or even word processor docs. Just create a document in a word processor, print it via the options menu, and select the XML printer.

    8. If you upgrade your graphics card in preparation for Windows Vista, be sure to get a new card with as much local memory as possible. Since Windows Vista renders everything—even the desktop and windows them-selves—as 3D surfaces, local 3D memory greatly improves performance...sometimes even more than a more powerful GPU

    9. Windows Vista games deposit their saves into a special directory, called Saved Games, in your personal folder. In theory, that will make upgrading to a new system much easier for gamers, who like to migrate their game saves.

    10. When using the Help system, it's usually advantageous to include Microsoft's online database in your search. The online/offline status of your search is located on the bottom right of the Help window. You can click it to toggle.

    The Games folder is a powerful repository of all things gaming. From within, you launch games, update games with the latest patches, enable parental controls to protect younger users from harmful content, and more. Invoke it by clicking Start/Games.

    12. Several applications are available to help you tweak Windows Vista for maximum performance. They in-clude TweakVI (, TweakVista (, and VistaBootPRO ( And don't forget about Windows ReadyBoost, which lets you use a removable flash memory drive to boost system memory.

    13. Do you use the icon in the upper left corner of system and application windows? A quick double-click closes the window (instead of a single click on the X at the upper right). Though Microsoft left the icon out in Vista, the function remains.—Sarah Pike

    14. In Microsoft Windows Explorer, you can use column headers (Name, Size, and so on) to sort files. Savvy users may right-click on a column head to remove items or add some—say, Dimensions for images. There are around 45 such columns available in Windows XP. Windows Vista has well over 250, covering a multitude of metadata.—Sarah Pike

    15. If you've become used to surfing your Program Menu to get to applications, you'll be in for a shock when you first use Microsoft Windows Vista. The new Program Menu shows you only recently used applications and requires extra clicks to navigate to submenus. This can be very frustrating but, thankfully, the Search box Microsoft has added to the Start menu is a great replacement—as long as you're an accurate typist. As quickly as you can type, it returns intelligent results in apps, files, even e-mail messages.
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    Cool tips list. I think the Lifehacker site has some very nice Vista tips & tricks up already also ...
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    I had no plans to upgrade my two machines to Vista - one of them is a tablet that doesn't have the graphics capability to run Aero (but is fine on other counts). But now that it is out, not having it is bugging me.
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    What about the basic question:

    Do Palm Desktop and Hotsync work under Vista?
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    Here's some DRM issues with Vista...
    "Everybody Palm!"

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    There is another thread specifically on Palm and Vista support - check it at:

    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad View Post
    What about the basic question:

    Do Palm Desktop and Hotsync work under Vista?
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    Is it true that if you want Aero you will most likely need to buy a whole new system? We need a new processor, much more memory (?), and a better graphics card? Particularly if one wants it on a laptop, this may very well be the case. If so, my standard: "don't buy anything for at least six months" policy is going to have to take over as far as I'm concerned.
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    Vista is power hungry. You will need at least a Gig Ram and as much memory on your Video card as possible. Aero uses the Graphic card memory for the enhanced graphical features. I have read that under many circumstances upgrading your video card can make lot bigger difference than upgrading your processor. They say you need at least 128 MB video memory on your card, but recommend 256 MB.
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    Warning to the people who want to dual boot:

    Vista uses its own boot loader and replaces the XP loader. Once you install Vista, you will not be able to go back.

    If you really want to switch between the two, buy and install a new Hard drive. Put Vista on the new one and leave your other OS on the old one. Then use the BIOS Boot Manager to switch between the two. Notebook and Desktop users will be able to do this with a USB drive if the BIOS supports booting from a USB drive.

    New PCs will start coming with hard drives with flash memory to act as cache. If you can find one of these drives, Vista can take advantage of that flash to decrease its boot time.
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    Subscription post and thanks for the thread.
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    This may be useful before getting into Vista. Not exactly my experience but someone else's.
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