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    Wondering what you think of the suite compared to MS Office?
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    I've set it as my default for about 3 months now. It works quite well. On occasion I will launch Excel simply because there may be a feature that I'm more familiar with in Excel. I also carry Portable OpenOffice on my flash drive.
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    I used OpenOffice a few years ago and it did good, though still not as good as WordPerfect. For a free one not bad though.

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    I have three PCs in my house. I run Office on my primary machine, and OpenOffice on my other two. I have also set up OpenOffice and Thunderbird (free email client) on the machines of several friends who basically just use their PCs to websurf and manage email.

    I have never had an issue with OpenOffice. It opens a bit slowly, but once you get past that its fine. I get a real kick out of having a decent, free office suite. If you are a consultant, or on a strict budget its GREAT to know that you can get along just fine without investing in Office.

    One other important feature of OpenOffice Writer (word processor) is that it will export a document in PDF format. In my experience it is the BEST free PDF rendering tool out there - you can open a Word document and then export it as a PDF (under the File menu, rather than a "Save Document As" function). That's damn nice.
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    I downloaded the suite today. Are there any concerns with loading it on a machine that has MS Office?
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    No concerns - there is a dialog that gives you the option of choosing the OpenOffice apps as your default apps, I would recommend that you NOT choose this option.
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    Thanx (why not?)
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    Eh, now that I think about it - no good reason, just perhaps to maximize document compatibility within a larger organization. If you want to scrap Office as your default go for it, I haven't experienced any reason not to.
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    The latest version (2.1) appears to open (much) faster.

    Being a long time MS Office user, I have found the going quiet tough and have still not been able to adjust to the peculiarities of OpenOffice, though I don't use "advanced" features of the suite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenHex View Post
    The latest version (2.1) appears to open (much) faster.

    Being a long time MS Office user, I have found the going quiet tough...

    You are correct - version 2.1 is much snappier. I would compare the transition from Word to OpenOffice to making the switch (common years ago) between Word and Wordperfect. Its all in there - somewhere. And its not far.

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