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    Pocket VITO Navigator II - save 30% from

    VITO Navigator II - GPS software for hiking and geocaching with your Pocket PC.

    enhanced information about your current position
    heading/bearing on the destination waypoint
    track and waypoints recording for further use in navigation
    indication of GPS receiving conditions
    import of recorded tracks/points from Geocaching .loc and text .csv files

    BytesCommander for Pocket PC - save 30% from

    Use it to troubleshoot your hardware such as modem via RS232 communication from your PocketPC. It's quick, convenient and
    Support multiple format view: view as ASCII, Hex, Octal or Binary format.
    Autolog - configure it to automatically log all data received in flat file. You can even specify how many cycle(s) and
    intervals to log incoming data.
    Autosend - configure it to automatically send preset commands and how many cycle(s) and intervals to send command.
    Profile management - create a profile to save multiple settings (eg. different comm port) for multiple devices and load it
    whenever you want it.
    Command History - view previous sent command.
    Manage prefix and suffix - Specify preamble and postamble commands in both data sent and received.
    Power saving mode - switch off the screen (not Power Off) while BytesCommander is running. Thus, minimize battery usage.
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