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    IrPrint 1.3 for Palm - save 30% from

    Use IrPrint to print the files from your Documents To Go® or WordSmith® application. Your printout will retain full PC
    formatting such as Bold, Italics, Underlines, Tables, Outlines, Bullets, Justification and even Color.

    InstallBuddy Palm Computing organizer for Palm - save 30% from

    InstallBuddy is the most revolutionary, intuitive and flexible tool available for using desktop documents on your Palm
    Computing organizer. InstallBuddy automatically translates and installs your desktop documents, such as Adobe PDF, HTML,
    Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, to your Palm organizer when you HotSync.

    Documents are translated to industry standard PalmOS document types so you can preserve your existing investment in Palm
    applications. InstallBuddy is incredibly easy to use and install and integrates seamlessly with the Palm HotSync software
    and Windows Explorer so you can start using it right away!
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