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    I stand corrected. There are people here who would want ER's to turn away the poor
    You're still answering for other people.
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    Medicare is funded by Medicare taxes. It has been running in surplus. There is no "subsidy".
    Obviously, if Medicare is to cover all, it would generate the revenue needed from Medicare taxes. Nothing is free.
    The taxes are the subsidy. Employees and employers pay payroll taxes. People over 65 get either free or discounted hospital insurance. There are still small monthly medical insurance premiums, deductibles, and copayments.

    The last I checked, there is a HUGE difference between my current montly Medicare taxes and what I (and my employer) pay for my medical insurance. So I don't have a Pavlovian response against "more payroll taxes (gasp!)" because increase in one would reduce to decrease in the other.
    Extending Medicare to the uninsured would mean more money out of your payroll with no benefit to you. If you have in mind extending Medicare to cover you, Medicare taxes would have to be even higher, plus you'd pay much more than the current heavily discounted premiums.

    As for subsidizing the old, sick, and poor (OSP), who do you suppose would do that? I thought we just established that the OSP will never be able to afford health insurance. So they can either get subsidized health care (subsidized by the working healthy), or no health care.. take your pick.
    Or we can reduce the cost of health care so the poor can afford it. Discounted is good. Free is bad.

    So now you agree there's a subsidy?
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