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    Lookin to get a 2003-2005 Volvo xc90 or BMW 325xi My Budget is $20k. Just lookin for someone with experience, who has owned one of these cars.
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    i have an 04 t6 awd xc 90. absolutely love it. i have 2 kids, so i was looking for something with 7 seats. it has lots of room, comfortable ride and is pretty solid. drawbacks are that there are no audio inputs, so i can't use sag to play music from treo. it is a turbo, so i HAVE to use super unleaded, and i average about 17 - 18 mpg driving hwy and city combined.
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    subaru legacy outback?
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    I have two Volvos... a 99 S70 AWD and an 05 XC90 T6 AWD. These cars are tanks! Very solid, well made and extremely comfortable to drive. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

    The one and only downside to the XC90 is the lack of any type of AUX input for my iPod. Volvo used a almost never used open fibre optic interconnect system for the radio on this model, which makes it impossible to add anything third party to the sound system. BTW, this was reveres in the 07 model...
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    Thanks. I am a BMW guy. But my parents always had volvos. I think the xc90s look sweet. Plus my wife needs a new car for work. I think this would be great for the snow, and snowboarding trips.
    I think we will drve both this weekend 325xi and the Volvo xc90. Both are used and are about $17-22k.
    Not intrested in Subies. But thanks anyway. I don't like the handling unless u get a Leagacy GT or WRX. But they still don't handle like a German or Swedish Car.

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