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    VisorGuy2...NetCaptor is one of the bet pieces of software I've ever used. But since my machine is 100% BeOS, I don't use it.
    Also, in refernce to my previous post, I was disapointed that the sidebar on the MSN Explorer couldn't be minimized, but that will be changed in a new version coming out shortly.
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    I took a miss on NetCaptor. I tried it, liked the powerful features and customization, but the interface is far too over-engineered and cluttered. This is a common flaw I'm seeing in software design....clunky interfaces. I'd like to see more applications that combine powerful features with elegant UI level design.

    This just looks like an ugly Office app.
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    I just heared from this article
    The "Personal Bar" and "Contacts" features will not be included in the final
    version of IE 6/Windows XP, and the version of IE 6 in Windows
    XP RC1 will be the first to reflect this change.
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    Originally posted by eswist
    IE 6 will be built into Windows XP
    Isn't that what Microsoft is getting sued for?
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    Originally posted by EricG
    Looks like MSN explorer - only less cute.
    That's how I'd put it. Too AOL like ...

    yeah, i wrote that ...
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