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    Just wondered how many of you watch 24? I love the show.
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    Love the show...plan to get the DVDs soon for the previous seasons...
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    Jack is Back.
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    Love it! I don't have tivo, so I'm only able to watch them through netflix. I'm still waiting for season 5. Season 6 will just have to wait. Oh, why oh why didn't slingbox for the Palm Os come out before 24?
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    Never seen it.
    I missed so much of it by now that I'll probably start with the shows on DVD at some point.
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    I'm with Charlie Brooker (UK Telivision critic) on this one - "crypto-fascist w**k fantasy".

    Mind you in the episodes I saw his daughter was a bit tasty.
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    Love the show, but am curious if Wayne Palmer's sister will be the president next season
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    i watch it, but i dont love it.
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    I Am Lovin It. Yeah.

    Go Jack
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    So far, Jack hasn't used a Treo, but the President's sister has. And no one has an iPhone.

    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad View Post
    Never seen it.
    I missed so much of it by now that I'll probably start with the shows on DVD at some point.
    You don't really need to have seen the previous seasons to follow and enjoy the current season, though there is some useful continuity that could be summarized in a couple sentences. But it is better to watch this sort of show on DVD so you don't have to watch an hour at a time over several months.
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    where is the poll option for "Hell yah!"?

    and wow....tonights ending was umm...unexpected.
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    |_ what he said.
    I have not watched it. But I will definitely watch it later. Too busy getting rid of spammers here.
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    I agree, you will need to start from the beginning to understand Jack Bauer. Sometimes getting into a series after many seasons, you will still enjoy the show BUT won't understand what's happening. It's like an ongoing Soap Opera.
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    Only two things needed to understand Jack Bauer:

    1. His Country
    2. His Word

    His word is aways in the best interest of his country.

    That's it. You cross him. Kill count goes up! 4 more days till Jack. I'm going to go into withdrawals soon. After a 4hr season premiere, going to 1hr a week....yeesh, my hands will start to shake on Friday..hehe
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    I am not....but probably only because I have not watched it yet. I know if I did, I would most likely be a fan. My parents have given me the first 3 seasons on DVD, so I guess I will find out soon enough.
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    Hobbes, prepare to have your time vanish before your eyes...
    Especially since you have the DVD's, I found that I would just watch episode after episode.
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    I don't like the music... and it seems really fake.

    Ok, the real reason is I don't have a TV at my current location.... only the net.. guess I might be able to get some local stations, but I've not tried... I don't even know if the TV works. lol....

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