Well after being a dedicated Treo user for longer then I can remember, I had to drop the service on my VZW 650 and go back to my E815 phone. So far the only thing I'm really missing is Pocket Express and my calender.

It got the point where the ONLY time the treo wasn't within arms reach is when I was in the shower or pool and due to the amount of mail lists I belong to and chatter, I was always looking at it. It was my crackberry addiction more or less. I wasn't getting a good night sleep because once I heard the e-mail alert, I would get up and check it in case a server went down here at the office. After being gone for almost 1 week, I'm getting more sleep, wife and kids are happier and I'm finding that I have more free time on my hands.

I'm sure I'll go back to it sometime since I don't have a device where I can keep all my stuff for work like SecureID, my family medical informaion or mine, etc. But for right now I'm just going to enjoy the freedom.

Now this isn't saying I'm leaving the Treo bandwagon for good, as a matter of fact, I talked 2 of my Dr's into getting them and my Neuoroligist said it was one of the best moves he ever made.

WM isn't for me, been there and tried that. Didn't last a week before it went back to VZW. Now I'll spend the night on the phone with CS and see what options I have available on this phone since I won't have the $40.00 data bill each month. Maybe add more minutes on my plan since I keep going over it.