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    EPHRAIM SCHWARTZ: "Wireless World" from, Thursday, March 22, 2001
    Interesting article!!!!
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    That's interesting. The reason I got my Visor was because I wanted mobility, but couldn't afford a laptop or need one. The Palm OS (along with my Stowaway and WordSmith) has given me all the functionality I would need from a laptop at a fraction of the size and cost. I think more people will realize this and begin to migrate to PDA's. There will always be a place for laptops, yet I think many laptop users could get by with just a PDA and be happier.
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    Same here, I can't afford a laptop, and for school, a Visor, Stowaway, and Trial of Wordsmith does it's job.

    ALSO I couldn't carry aroudn a laptop in school, but I can throw my Visor in my pocket. For all wireless things, I use my desktop, and my brand new ethernet swtich!


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    Originally posted by lennonhead
    ...The Palm OS (along with my Stowaway and WordSmith) has given me all the functionality I would need from a laptop at a fraction of the size and cost. ...
    New laptops are certainly expensive. Think about what you do with your Visor/stowaway/other modules and you soon realize you wouldn't need the latest greatest laptop to do comparible things.

    With that in mind, I added up how much I've spent on my platinum, software, stowaway, and other critical modules. I used that amount (>$600) and looked to see what kind of a laptop I could buy, if any., Ebay, and other auction sites often have "old" laptops for auction. I don't need or want a laptop, so I didn't actually bid on one. I have, however, seen several laptops sell for around or less than $600. These typically are 300Mhz, 4Gig hard drive, 64meg RAM, 800x600 screen, rechargable battery, CD drive, and various external connectors. Not bad if all you're doing is word processing!

    I realize that carrying around and using a laptop is FAR from the same simple experience I have using my Platinum. I'm not suggesting any palm device owner run out and trade their device in for a laptop. I'm just trying to point out that being a Visor/Stowaway owner is not necessarily cheaper than owning and using a laptop. In fact, it kinda makes me irritated that Visors cost so much. I think the $399 they want for an Edge would be OK if it INCLUDED a modem or ethernet port, a hard drive, and a CD player. THEN we'd be comparing oranges to (OK, littler) oranges!

    Dave ;-)
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    I'm taking the 5th on this. No I'm not, I have something to say (as usual)

    Okay...from a corporate stand point. A lot of business professionals use laptops for presentations... and understandably, this is a great feature... but now we have that covered with that PowerPoint more need for a laptop there.

    Internet connectivity...we all know handhelds are the coolest thing since the web was created for browsing the internet.

    Word processing...spreadsheets...covered. Storage for files, covered.

    Appointments and tasts...faster on handheld than laptop. Even after the laptop is warmed up and ready to go.

    Battery life...still no comparison...handheld wins

    Fun factor. Unless you are flying to Rome everyday, and have to watch DVD movies...the handheld wins.

    In my opinion the only laptop that wins is the G4 Ti Powerbook. Not only is it is the sh**tuff! But again, that is all "cool" factor, and of course, amazing movie playback!


    again, my 2.5 cents worth!
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    I also was looking for a laptop, and then decided to instead get a visor. It's cheaper, and it's smaller. Some people still say to me "Why don't you get a laptop?" but the visor still has that coolness factor that a laptop doesn't.
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    Today I passed the waiting time in a doctor's office receiving, reading and replying to email. I did not have my notebook there....I had my Platinum, wireless modem with YY and the folding keyboard. Very handy, portable, efficient and, of course, very high geek factor!
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    I find myself leaving my laptop at home more and more often. My Stowaway keyboard is actually easier to type on than my laptop - I use an old Ricoh Magio sub-notebook with a very cramped keyboard.

    The only thing I can't do with my Visor that I can with my laptop is access my fiorm email, which is behind a firewall. My guess is there's a way to do it with my Minstrel S and Visor, it's just my firm's IT guys being too lazy to figure out a work around (they support Blackberries instead).

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