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    Well, I just bought a blackberry pearl not too long ago (about a week and a half ago or so).

    Well, I had originally had a treo 650 and was never too sure as to why I got rid of it.

    Well, the other day I had comedown stairs and my beautiful little pup had decided to take my new Blackberry Pearl and chew it to bits.

    The phone was DOA.

    Well, i just got my treo 650 (unlocked/unbranded gsm) and couldnt be happier. Much better then that suretype crap.

    I'm happy to be back

    I guess this thread doesnt really serve a purpose, I was just happy.
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    Well, glad to see you back. And, while the Pearl would probably have made a better backup device than a dog toy, its in a better place now.

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