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    Happy holidays TCers!

    So who gave or received a Treo this season? And which model was it?

    Personally, I presented someone with a crimson Treo 680 today (I went in with some friends).

    He's a physician, so I thought crimson would be best to reduce the chance of staining his phone. :-P
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    Thats cool...I might treat myself to the 700p after the crowds die down.
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    I gave my wife a 650 since she keeps stealing mine. First present in a while that brought some little tears to her eyes.

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    I got myself a white 680, and got my girl a cingular 680 as well. She actually gasped a little when she saw it
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    I'm saving my upgrade for when a POS GSM 3G Treo gets released.
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    It'll be a long wait...
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    Yeah. But I have too much invested in POS software to dump it.

    I'm happy with Treo 650 ..
    Until <release of POS GSM 3G Treo>
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A

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