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    Man... my car got break in earlier today for no obvious reason. I checked, but *nothing* is stolen except a second-hand FM transmitter thay only costs me $20 on eBay. And surprisingly the GPS unit and the money didn't got stolen... So the theif got my $20 FM transitter but now I have to pay $200 to fix my window.

    ah... what an awful year to start with. BTW, I parked on the street closed to the new shopping mall in San Francisco. Drivers be aware.
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    Yikes - condolences.

    What street was it in SF? What time of day was it? Was the FM transmitter in plain view? Was there anything else in plain view that might have gotten the thief's attention?

    Look on the bright side man - the GPS and cash didn't get stolen! That's a good thing. The thief/junky/kid/whoever probably got spooked halfway thru the job.
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    I feel for you. I once had my apartment broken into. A guy smashed the the door in. Took anything that was not tucked away and that could be easily carried....stereo, case packed with CDs, expensive electric shaver, cash, very nice watch, etc.... Around $8,000 pounds in total, not counting the cost of the physical damage. The door and the door jam were toast. The carpet in front of the door had to be replaced.

    I lived in England at the time. We called the police as soon as we got home. We knew who did it (long story about that) and where he was that night only. The police were right at shift change and refused to do anything except tell us to come down the next day to file a report so they can start working on the case then. My roommate was English and his parents made such a stink about how the police acted that we got a call personally from their equivalent to our Commissioner. He said, I am not suppose to say we did anything wrong, but we did. I am not suppose to apologize, but I am sorry.
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    we had our rental car broken into once, we thought nothing was stolen till a few days later my wife couldnt find her sneakers..
    They were of the Fila brand but actually quite cheap, but I guess a junky mistook them for expensive ones :/
    So we had to go to the rental bussines depot to get a replacement car.

    And few days later a truck scratched the side of the car on a narrow road..

    We didnt have much luck that time...
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    one night, someone pryed open the side of my brothers trunk to get his cd changer. the morons did not realize that it had been left unlocked. all they had to do was push the button. idiots.
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    It definitely sucks. My car was stolen right out of my driveway in September. Never heard about or from her again.

    Went to see my parents last week and my dad said, "I'd feel better if you got your car off the street and parked it in the driveway."

    I said, "Yeah, Dad, because no one could EVER steal a car from a DRIVEWAY!"
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    Oh man... that sucks... I took my kids and wife to San Francisco a few weeks ago. It was around 6pm and we could not find parking anywhere on the streets close to Union Square so we left the car quite a few blocks away close to Montgomery and Pine. That street was dark and had homeless people sleeping on the streets. I didn't not feel too confident about living my Sienna 04 there, but I've done this before so I just left the van and went shopping. Hopefully everything was fine when we came back very late at night.

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    News flash: criminals are stupid. Sorry to hear about the breakin. If it's any consolation, it's abundantly clear the guy who did the smash and grab is a complete moron and will have to go through life like that. I'd still be you, even without the second hand FM transmitter.

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