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    Anybody here subscribes to UK's PalmUser magazine? Is it worth the money?
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    I do. I used to subscribe to their PalmTop magazine - devoted to Psion PDAs (when I was Psion user). It was really the only good source of Psion info. Last year I switched to a Visor and had them change the balance of my subcription to PalmUser as I had no more interest in Psion stuff. Well, I got two issues of PalmUser and got hooked. It has a lot of good info, reviews, tips etc. Haven't found a magazine with as much PalmOS info. in the US, so I renewed. Yes it's expensive but I like it. You can order a single issue from their web site, I believe - that way you can try it.
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    Actually, even though they say you can't buy it retail, in the Twin Cities, I see It all around. Best Buy, Compusa, BArnes and Noble.. I don't know why.. But IT's nice that I can get this kind of magazine per issue, locally :-d
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I may order a trial copy. I cannot find it here.

    Is it more journal oriented or just like all the crap glossy computer magazines?
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    I'm a happy subscriber. Every issue is filled with useful information, from reviews of software and hardware to useful tips and tricks. The only drawback - at 6 issues a year you won't get breaking news. It's a nice complement to the the instant access of Visor Central
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    I had never heard of the magazine until it was posted as a news item on VC. I'm starting to think that I might order a trial issue to see what's in it. I think that an important part in my ordering it has yo do with weither it's cantent, or pictures. The big computer magaizines are starting to annoy me with more pictures than text. Reminds me of the prom issues of "YM" and "Teen" .

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    I once found a copy of Handheld Computing in a store, bought it and enjoyed it. Now can't find it anywhere. I really don't want to subscribe - just want to check Contents and if there's stuff of interest, buy the single copy. Anyone else read this mag? Any thoughts on where to find it? (I've tried Barnes & Noble, Borders, and CompUSA).

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