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    Well, I just had to perform the hardest duty in any pet owners life...I had my dog put to sleep. Right now I am dying inside. I've spent the last 3 hours crying my eyes out. But life goes on.

    It sucks to lose your pet!
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    This might not be the best thing to say.. (I'm not really a good people person) but ..


    sad sad? miradu2000? huh?
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    Why? If you don't will never understand. I loved this dog more than life itself. He was my little buddy, and I would have given a million Palm Pilots to save his precious life...but I couldn't.
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    NO!. Why does he have to die? What illness does he have.

    I understand the connection between man and animal, it's nature.

    no comment
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    Originally posted by foo fighter
    I just had to perform the hardest duty in any pet owners life...
    foo, I'm sorry for your loss. Take comfort in knowing that your beloved pet is no longer suffering and is in a better place...

    Life does go on... albeit a bit painfully at first.
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    I'm a cat guy myself (I have 9), and even having to have strays I knew put to sleep (or burying ones I've found dead) tears my heart out. My condolences to you, Foo.
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    feel for you. We had to put down two dogs last summer. Willa (mother) and Atsu (daughter). Willa was old for a Rottie at 14. She just got old and basically had complete renal failure. Atsu (9) went down with bone cancer a few months later. We felt lucky to have had them both for so long. Our boys were with them at the end to say goodbye, and we buried them on the old farm.
    Thank God for the time you got with him, knowing you were the center of his world.
    Take care,
    (You're totally right, it does suck!)
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    Thanks guys, I really appreciate your support. Zack (short for Zachary) was my Doberman Pinscher, whom I had for 7 and a half years. I raised him from the time he was a puppy...I can still see him wearing a little dixie cup on his head to support his newly docked ears. And now I had to be with him as he left me forever. Zack was a beautiful and amazing dog. He was incredibly smart and intuitive..he could, at times, almost anticipate my every move. Looking into his eyes was like looking into the eyes of a human. And despite his size he was completely gentle.

    He was suffering from a diseased kidney which was scheduled to be removed. But today, after a battery of tests, it was discovered that his good kidney was down to just 25% capacity..not enough to sustain his life. Needless to say, I was devastated. What made it even harder was the fact that he didn't really act all that sick. When my doctor brought him out to see me, to say goodbye, he was just as playful as ever. He kept staring into eyes (god how that killed me) as I petted him. Then the lethal injection was was over in less than 6 seconds, and he was gone. I felt like a murderer at first, but I had to do it. Zack simply couldn't have survived on the remaining kidney, and it would have been cruel of me to needlessly prolong his life just to protect me from the pain of losing him. But right now, I feel like I've lost my best friend. Which he was.

    You are right BobbyMike, I was the center of Zack's universe. For him, the sun rose and set on my shoulders.

    There will never be another dog quite like this one.
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    My condolences Foo. He must have been very special to have been loved so dearly.

    Hang in there...
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    sory to hear that foo...
    When I was little, we had this HUGE cat, jimmie, we had to give him away, I thought that was hard, then I heard he didn't like the new family and stoped eating for days, then ran away, became a wild cat, I........
    I don't what to say, tried to say something to make you feel better then realized I couldn't....Only time....
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    Someday you'll find another four legged friend..

    I also have gone thru what you are feeling now (more than once).. in time your sad feelings will pass.. you won't forget your friend, but you'll look back with fond memories..

    Hang in there...
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    I had never seen my father cry until the day he found one of his two dogs gasping for breath. As he picked up Annie to rush her to the vet she stopped breathing altogether. My father, desperate not to lose her actually tried to breath life back into her. Alas, he did not succeed.

    Annie's brother Arf had always depended on his sister to give a bark when they both wanted to go out. Annie would step back and let Arf go thru the door first. Annie was also always the first to bark to be let back in. When the door was opened, she would bark a different sound for Arf who would come running only for her. Annie would not come in until Arf had done so. No human pleading could get Arf to come without Annie's bark. It took about a month after Annie's death for Arf to figure out how to get attention to go in and out.

    Arf lived another 5 years. The only other time I've seen my father cry was when he had to take Arf, who could no longer see or hear or (we believe) smell to the vet to be put down.

    Pets get into your soul. It's OK to grieve. Remember the good times and smile, for (I believe) your pet relives those times over and over again in pet heaven, every time you think of them.

    My Dad now has Goldie, a beautiful mutt. Goldie may outlive him. I see the bond between them, and know she would cry for him as readily as he would cry to lose her.

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    I really feel for you. It's hard even to explain the feeling of loss - although DBrown said it well: "pets get into your soul." The hardest thing I have ever had to do was take our beloved terrier mix O'Grady to be put down after a difficult battle with cancer. The fact that they trust you completely but don't understand what is going on makes it all the more difficult. O'Grady brightened our lives for 15 years, and I just try to remember that he was a happy dog, and that I did what I could to see that he lived well and that he knew that we loved him as much as he loved us. Hang in there, Foo - Zack knew how you felt about him!

    Take care,
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    My condolences
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    I'm really sorry for your loss, foo.
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    My condolences for your loss. May the happy memories of the times you had together, sustain you through this difficult period.

    We welcomed a new member to our family a few months ago, a golden retriever puppy. She has brightened our lives immensely. She is truly my "golden child."

    We are truly blessed by the love and affection of our pets...

    Take care.
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    It really is a terrible loss and I totally empathize. I have lost dear pets and they leave a deep void. One idea to consider is a Dobe rescue - different breed rescue groups do fantastic work and offer a chance to help a dog that otherwise may be put down. No dog could "replace" your dear friend but, in time, you might consider rescue as a way to bring joy to a needy Dobe (or other breed) and some new joy to your own life as well. My daughter and some friends have both worked in breed rescue groups and have adopted rescued dogs...a wonderful and gratifying endeavor!
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    I agree with Lowtech, my wife contacted a breeder we know and she put us in touch with a rottie rescue league. Through them we found a wonderful 2-3 year old female rottie (Jazzy aka Jasmine) who has wormed her way into our hearts in an amazingly short time.
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    Sorry to hear the news, bud. It is tough. I was thinking how i'd feel if it were me and my buddy

    After awhile you just have to realize that everything has its time and if you can sincerly say that you gave Zack the best possible life he could have had while alive, then you've done him justice. I occasionally think about this when I walk Gack on a wet, uncomfortable day. If I can make sure his time on alive is the best I could make it for him, then it's all worth it. After that, we're all victims to time.

    I'm sure you made Zack's life the best it could be. You did your job!

    Take it easy.
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