Hey everyone

I've gone throgh my 3rd cd player in 3 years and this time I think I'd like to go mp3. All my music nowadays is generally burnt so it would make senese anyhow. Also, the smaller form factor would be a plus. I want to spend under $100 unfortunately (hey I'm a cheapskate) and am not sure what I should get. I have checked ebay somewhat (yes I know, be careful to buy only what you are familiar with on EBay) and only found super cheap 16MB all plastic things. I know I won't get something as nice as a Nomad II MG, but I'd hoped to do better than what I saw. FM reception would be very nice, USB is nearly required, 32MB onboard, preferably 64. A shame they don't make many ones that support CF as I would already have a USB transfer adapter.. (I know the Lyra is CF but its damned ugly!) So what would you guys suggest?