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    Hey Matrix lovers! In case you haven't heard, The Matrix 2 is set to begin shooting at the end of this month with a release scheduled for Summer 2002. In the words of Neo, "Whoa!" I can't wait to see it! Laurence Fishburn and Carrie-Anne Moss are slated to reprise their roles. According to Keanu, the scripts are great. Two sequels are to be shot back-to-back and Keanu will be working through 9/02. Just wanted to let all fans in on the news...or am I the last to know?

    I think I'll pop that DVD in now!
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    I'e seen the Matrix 4 times (BEST MOVIE EVER MADE!) but never at MY house. My paren'ts won't rent it.. BUT I CAN'T WAIT!!!

    wait.. Did't I tell myself to get my @ss out of Off-Topic!?
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    awesome, awesome, awesome.. the matrix rocked, can't wait
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    I believe that they've already been filming the Matrix sequels for a while now. Keanu broke his ankle or something and that held things up.

    The Matrix is one of my fav DVDs. I've probably watched it 10 times (much to my wife's chagrin).
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    Thanx swendor! =) Very glad that I heard that here. I watched it about 10 times... Hehe, sometimes I do this thing with my phone:
    Pull out my Nokia 7110, click it open, and shout:

    Tank! gimma an exit, Quick!

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    Do you know if it's being filmed in sydney again?

    If you look carefully you can see a lot of city landmarks in the matrix (1).
    Also when neo drop his phone from the office building, you can see the marking on the streets is for driving on the left side of the road (yes, they still do that over here..) but the cars drive on the right side... small details, but you can see it...

    As you have figured I'm a matrix fan too...
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    Originally posted by ToolkiT
    Do you know if it's being filmed in sydney again?
    From what I have heard, they are filming them in Australia... not sure if it is all in Syndey....

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    from the article:
    Filming is scheduled to last more than 200 days and might be lengthened by the possible actors' strike in July. Indeed, the decision to begin production in California rather than Australia (where the first film was shot) was part of the producers' strike contingency plan.

    The sequels will shoot for 12 weeks in California and then shut down in anticipation of a strike. Because postproduction efforts that don't involve actors can continue during the strike, editors and special effects people will go to work on the completed footage. Afterward, filming will resume at Warner Bros. facilities in Australia.
    So I guess it's both locations.
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    I believe he broke his ankle doing the training for the film, no filming yet.

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