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    ok, I didn't know anyone thought he was a security threat. Just a musician.
    I think that by launching an FBI investigation, on charges which today we now know had no basis in fact, the US government punished Lennon for promoting peace during the Vietnam war. All in the name of national security. Really something to think about isn't it?

    Anyway, here is an op-ed piece on the matter that maybe people here will find interesting.
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    Thirty years -- incredible -- thirty years...

    Thinking about it now, the hurt of it makes it seem almost like yesterday.

    John's recently discovered last interview with Rolling Stone, has eerily enabled him to reach out from his grave to once again touch us with his vitality and humanity. His own voice reveals to us his self-awareness, modesty, and genuine decency.

    Time has deepened my appreciation of both his talent and life .

    Sadly I cannot remember him better than what I wrote here, 4 years ago:

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    blocks away the night he was murdered, I made my way to the Dakota and spent several hours together with the others who gathered in that first night's spontaneous outpouring of agonized disbelief and sorrow.

    His death was the violent horrific end of the Aquarian epoch of love, peace, optimism, and hope -- and the beginning of our current epoch together with the inauguration of Raygunism -- and the phoniness, opportunism, exploitation, lies, and despair that have consumed us since...

    That night though remains for me to this day the most emotionally moving public thing I've ever experienced -- the singing of Imagine, Christmas and the others, all the tearful embraces, was unprecedented -- people came that first night on their own before the news coverage had made it a "popular" media spectacle. A wrenching wrenching end to a wonderful guy.

    His death all the more horrific because he had seemingly finally found happiness after a lifetime of struggle and internal pain. He had finally re-achieved success and happiness in his career, victory against Nixon, overcoming his dependency on drugs and alcohol, and love and reconciliation with Yoko.

    So few humans ever achieve anything like a happy life -- it is especially awful when a life such as that is so wastefully foreshortened so uselessly...
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