View Poll Results: Guess miradu2000's middle name!

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  • Ralph

    16 27.12%
  • Rasputin

    8 13.56%
  • Ra, the sun god

    10 16.95%
  • Ramiro

    1 1.69%
  • Raleigh

    1 1.69%
  • Randall

    9 15.25%
  • Randolph

    10 16.95%
  • Ranger

    0 0%
  • Raul

    3 5.08%
  • Ramon

    1 1.69%
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    (see the thread "how old are you" for the background on this )

    We have established:

    and we know that his middle name is not "Raymond". Now is your chance to submit your guess!
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    Well, The right on'es in there.

    I'm NOT going to vote in it, until enough peopel vote, that my vote won't make people see the real one.. OR I'll vote fake.. hmm.. hard choice.. oh well.. hehe..

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    Are you feeling a little Randy?
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    Originally posted by Ed Gain
    Are you feeling a little Randy?
    It would be randall, i think.
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    Perhaps I am showing my age... but I meant Randy. Look it up in the dictionary sometime.
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    but I've gone with Ra
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    Ill have to go with Ralph
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    I'm guessing Rasputin, just because it's a cool name.
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    Tell me something I make you horny? Do I? Do I make you RANDY?
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    Well since miradu2000 has verified that his middle name exists in two separate lists (Guess miradu2000's middle name
    and How old are you?), then our next step it to look at the intersection of the two lists.

    Allowing for spelling variations, miradu2000ís middle name should be one of the following:
    Ralph (Ralf)
    Raul (Raoul)
    Randy (Randall, Randell, Randey, Randle, Randolph)

    Since Mr. Ducker lives in MINNESOTA, and his name is Anglo-Saxon in origin, I think that we can safely eliminate the Raul (Rauol) middle name. Leaving us with only two choices!!! Is Miradu2000ís middle name Ralph or Randy?

    Miradu2000... am I getting close?
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    I remember from a while ago, there was a thread about "What does your nick means?" or something similar. I remember reading something about miradu2000 too. If we can dig up that thread, I think this question is answered
    What is new today will be old tomorrow..
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    Scroll down till you see miradu2000... hehe..
    What is new today will be old tomorrow..
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    Great work, echinye!!
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    First name on the list too...
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    Originally posted by Ed Gain

    First name on the list too...
    Congratulations to the 6 people who guessed correctly before the answer was revealed.

    miradu2000, do you have a prize for them?
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    Good work! Wow.. I wasn't expecting a whole thread on this!

    Yes, my middle name IS Ralph . It's my grandfather's first name.. so..

    I think that Ed is too smart!

    Yes, that was one of the places I was thinking of that has Ralph in it. The other, is in the code of my site.. I cheated, and use it has a spacer. (I think..)

    No I don't have a prise.. remeber

    -Can yo ufind out my middle name? FOR FUN!?!? ?


    hehe.. I LOVE VC

    my name is.. my name is.. my name is Ralph
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    oh one more thing...

    I chose Ra, the sun god.. IT's cooler
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Originally posted by miradu2000
    oh one more thing...

    I chose Ra, the sun god.. IT's cooler
    For what it is worth, I was pulling for Ra, also. At least it tied for second...
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    damn, i voted before i read the thread. i could have sworn your middle name was ra, the sun god... hmm
    all around good guy

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    Since we have obviously put Miradu2000 through a 'baptism by fire'. I think we now have the right to give him a new name!

    Should we rename him: Michael 'Ra - The Sun God' Ducker?

    At least he won't have to change his handle this way.

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