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    I am planning on being one of the first ones at the Video game store Friday to snag a Nintendo Wii. Have any tips for me?

    Every store I have called says they are getting a limited supply in.
    It the store opens at 7am should I be there at 4 am 5am. This is my first time doing this ( i feel crazy and my wife thinks I am too ). Love to hear what you all have stood in line for
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    The only time I have ever chosen to stand in line for anything, was "Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back" in 1980. 6 hours in line in the hot Honolulu summer sun. Now I have stood in many other lines over the years since, but not because I really, really wanted to.
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    I've done a few black fridays. I would suggest midnight.
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    If are in an area where it gets cold, make sure you bring something to warm you up plus something to sit on.

    Also try to be with a buddy of yours. You cannot be sure if there are thugs waiting for you.

    Bring something to pass the time.
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    my treo can defend and help pass time.
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    Check if any of the stores accept a deposit for a waiting list, so you don't have to stand in line. That's how the GameStop near me does it.
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    I tried that. they said sry first come first serve. looks like i'll be in line. at midnight.
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    Hah, good luck on waiting. If you have a Raising Canes, pick up a 25 Tailgate and a few slices of bread. That'll hold you off 'til the morning.

    I thought the Wii wasn't going to be limited supply like the PS3. I read that originally they planned to send just a few Wii's to the US, but after the response they produced much more. I want a Wii.
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    They made 2 million and they are Alll gone :O
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    I have never done this before last weekend either. I did do this last weekend when they first released the Wii. I stood in two lines last weekend. I went to Fred Meyer at 5 pm and was 8th in line for a midnight release. All 48 they had were virtually claimed by 6:30 pm. After I got that one, I drove by Best Buy and knowing they had 45 and only saw 8 people in line, I went home and slept for 3 hours and was in line at BB at around 5 am for a 9 am release. I cut that that one a little close as I was number 38 and the 45th person got in line within 25 minutes after I got there.

    I heard that people were going to stand in line when the replenishment trucks were coming now too.

    I originally got the second one for my Sister-In-Law, but they unexpectedly ended up a Wii system on their own with an inside contact at a store. So I ended up one of 1/2 a million listing a Wii on eBay. I only started the auction with how much it cost including tax. If it doesn't sell, then I am returning it next Wednesday.

    Hints for waiting in line I learned:
    • Have a fold up chair & sleeping bag
    • Entertainment: Portable DVD player, Gameboy, MP3, ect....
    • SNACKS: beef jerky, chips, pop, warm thermos
    • Call ahead to confirm quantity and what time they will be selling it and any plans they have for lines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    Hints for waiting in line I learned:
    • Have a fold up chair & sleeping bag
    • Entertainment: Portable DVD player, Gameboy, MP3, ect....
    • SNACKS: beef jerky, chips, pop, warm thermos
    • Call ahead to confirm quantity and what time they will be selling it and any plans they have for lines.
    You never know what kind of good info you can find here on TC
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    I've done my first and last black Friday this morning. My wife and I saw a deal from WalMart on a 52" widescreen HDTV for half off costing $474 with 7 units left so we figured it was a deal and we wanted another large screen for the basement. WalMart opened at 5:00 A.M. and we(amateurs) decided 3:00 A.M would be good...wrong. There were almost 200 people there and a third were camping out with small tents...people are sick. The seven TV's were gone fast...people were running around over each other like they were on a gameshow for dallars. We ended up getting a couple of other things and while in line we saw the last guy who got the 52" widescreen...this guy wearing Carhartt overalls smelled like $hit. Everybody in line was complaining about the smell. This ***** was one of the ones camping out and he wanted this TV so bad he $hit his pants not wanting to lose his spot. People are crazy and my wife and I had to bask in the ambience behind this ***** for over an hour and he didn't even care he smelled like a dirty diaper...Never again.
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    Well I got my wii, I got in line at about 12am. When I originally drove by at 9pm only one person was waiting ( a 16 yolearold kid that had been waiting since 5pm). When I got there at 12am 5 people were in front of me and the store was expecting 7! Well the guys at Gamestop were nice enough and open up at 4am and we picked up our wii and we were on our way. Thanks for all the tips everyone. Black Friday is crazy here.
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    I'm surprised there aren't more crimes committed in these environments. Seems like sitting ducks to me.
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    It did with the P3....I guess some guys held up the whole line the night before the release. One guy refused to give his money up and they shot him.

    .......another P3 story.....guys were sitting in their car the morning of the release. They watched a customer coming out of the store with a P3 and followed him home. They jumped him before he could get in the house and took his P3 that he had been standing in line for 2 days for.
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    Need I say anymore...
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    who would **** their pants for a tv...people are whackos!
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    wow that sucks
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    Quote Originally Posted by KStewart View Post
    I've done my first and last black Friday this morning.
    I AGREEE.....It is my First and Last as well.

    I had a VERY similar experience, as I tried for the $148 computer at Walmart this morning. I called at 5 pm last night and asked how they were handling lines. They told me what door to line up at. I got there around 2 am with about 100 people in front of me (and over 600-800 behind me by the time they opened).

    At 6:00 am they opened the OTHER doors and NOT the one they told me to line up at. People were already coming out with their purchases by the time they opened the our doors. I go to the electronics dept and ask about the computer for $148, the rep says she didn't they get them. 10 minutes later I see a sheet she is holding with a picture of the computer I just asked her about. She said, "Oh, you mean that computer for $148....they are over in the Pets Dept"!!!!!!! What an *****!!!!!!!!

    I go over there and just missed the last one by about 15 seconds. I saw a person with 4 of them and the ad states only one per person. She said, "So" and keeps on walking. I followed her and pointed it out to a worker and they didn't care.
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    Ive stood in line for a few hours for a pair of Jordans a few times. 4am the store opened up @ 7 so it wasnt that bad. I "called in sick" that day so I went home after and took a nap.

    I was worried once or twice but Im a big guy and I had a couple of friends around so it was mostly for nothing.
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