Summary of rant=Netgear causes so much stress that in order to get it out, I had to type the novel below.

I'm the technology coordinator at a private school with no access to regulated public funding. We received an $80k state tech grant to update our terrible network infrastructure and obsolete computers from 1998. Of course, the school board has to set limits as to what we can purchase with such a large sum of money. We are limited to the average Acer laptops and *only* Netgear RangeMAX Access Points are to be used throughout the school. 60 Acer Laptops=$72,000 which doesn't leave too much left for networking equipment. I assume this is why we are forced to use Netgear equipment.

$7,150 for access points and the rest for lots of CAT5 meant no installer. The old ethernet wiring didn't comply with what the Netgear routers needed. From September of 2005 (when we got the grant) until about January '06, I ran new "compliant" wires and installed RangeMAX routers everywhere while trying to maintain the old network and its' screwy computer problems.

So after our school is "ready" for the new laptops, we get a mountain of paperwork to sign and we take delivery. The "COWS", or "Computers on Wheels", have had countless problems from day one. Only about 70% of the computers will be able to log on at one time, regardless of where they are located. Network drives rarely map, the domain is hardly ever available, the IP address needed to work with the SonicWall is not the right one, etc.

I couldn't stand these rediculous computers anymore and decided to call it quits until the next school year and fix them over the summer. A few summer staff members helped me with the logging on of several different user names. Once we hit the 70% mark, I started to notice that only a few routers of the 65 were able to distribute a signal. I spent a week working with 50 access points, which really didn't need any configuration. I decided to use school money to purchase Linksys routers and put them in place of Netgear.

All of the Linksys access points worked flawlessly.. and at $30 less a piece, it was a bargain. So when school started up again, I decided to test Linksys vs Netgear by switching out the AP's on certain days and counting the problems. Linksys had one problem, and it was because of the computer itself, fixed in minutes. Netgear, on the other hand, had so many problems, I can't even put into words how disappointing it was. No network drives? Unavailable domain? Would the school board purposely force a *private* school to use crappy APs to make us suffer?

I went to the school board to return the Netgear routers and, surprisingly, was not turned down. Apparently, they TOO were experiencing issues with their Netgear equipment and allowed me to use the Linksys routers. The money from the routers was used to buy new antenna hardware to further distribute the already great Linksys signal.

Has anyone else experienced similar Netgear issues?