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    For those not in the know, gives you a penny and lets you play a game against another player and if you when you get their penny. Then you can risk your two pennies against someone else's. You don't have to risk all your pennies at once either. You can cash-out (get a check) when your balance is $10 or higher.

    The hitch? You have to watch an ad before each game and answer a question on it (to be sure you watched), though the ads repeat often and you get to know them so often times you can see which one it is and skip to the question...

    Anyway. It's still in "beta" and is currently limited to invitation only by code. As a member, I have 3 invites I can hand out and thought I would offer them up.
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    i need a code please if you can spare one for meplease send to and put moola code for subject line ty ty ty

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