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    I am a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fanatic. Just wondered if there are any other fans here?

    If so...did anyone catch UFC last weekend - Franklin vs Silva?

    That was a brutal fight!
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    I missed that and haven't had time to search for it online... Thanks for the reminder

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    have you heard the results? I dont want to spoil it for you
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    I'm a big fan too. I'll just say I was disappointed at the result. Same with the final fight b/w Tito Ortiz and Shamrock, that was just a plain old *** whooping. speaking of MMA has anyone figured out how to get UFC on the 700? You know I'd be willing to toss in a couple of bucks if someone were willing to share their orb and let me watch the next UFC pay-per-view. Has to be orb since I'm on a 700P.
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    I haven't heard the results...

    has anyone figured out how to get UFC on the 700?
    I am waiting for the first media player that will handle m3u so I can use my streamtvnow account to watch MMA on my 700....

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