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    My wife and I are going to Las Vegas for the first time at the end of June, we will only be there for four days, any suggestions for "must see" places?
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    Am personally fond of Caesar's Palace, whose Forum Shops have practically anything you'd want from food (try Spago) to clothes (like Armani).
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    I lived in Vegas for 7 years, did my undergrad work there at UNLV. My parents still live there. There are alot of things to check out... ofcourse the whole Las Vegas Strip thing. If you get the chance to see a show, either of the two Cirque du Soleil shows (Mystere or O) are brilliant, and I would say the best shows of all of them. I have seen many of the shows, and I liked Mystere the most... it is amazing what they can do.

    As far as casinos to check out, there are too many to mention... all the newer ones (from Mirage up... including the renovations such as Ceaser's) have some cool things in them. I would take a day just to walk the strip if I were you. Plus, take a cab downtown, and see what that is about too.

    There are things that don't seem to get mentioned alot in articles about Vegas. There are some good nation park attractions, but you will need to rent a car. I would go to Red Rocks, which is West of Vegas... from some areas there, you can see the whole city. It is amazing to watch the sun come up from there... unbelievable. Then there is Hoover Dam... it is pretty interesting from an educational point of view. It is basically south east of the city... pretty easy to get too, not too far away. Then there is also Valley of Fire... this is an amazing place. I would take a day trip out there if I were you... it is maybe 2 hours by car heading 15n. Very much worth it though... walk around a place called Mouses Tank in Valley of Fire... you can hike pretty far, and it is beautiful.

    4 days is enough time to check out most of the cool casinos, catch a couple of shows, get to Valley of Fire, do some gambling, and eat some good food.

    Hope that this helps you some.
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    Like Star Trek? If you do you have to go to Star Trek The Experience. Lots of fun. I'm actually wearing my souvenir T-shirt of it right now .

    I've stayed at Mandalay Bay, NY NY (don't ask why ), and the Paris one (can't remember name). Mandalay Bay was my favorite out of the three, nice wave pool too.

    In terms of shows I've only seen a magic show (can't remember that guys name either) and Mystere. Mystere was spectacular. I hear O is really good too.

    OT: If you like Cirque du Soleil I just saw a 3-d IMax movie they did in NYC. Definitely worth going to see if you're in NYC.
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    Thanks for the info all!! I'll checkout trying to get tickets to see Cirque du Soleil Mystere, any advice as to how far in advance I need to get the tickets..?

    I'm a huge trek fan (my wife isn't ... I'm working on her though ) We are going with a big group of people including the in-laws as part of a group package they arranged (I get along great with the in-laws btw.) a couple canceled in their group so that's how we got the chance to go.. My mother in-law is also a trek/sci-fi fan so we will both have to go see that (I hate doing things alone)!!

    I also want to see that video canopy at Fremont St. looks really nifty...

    I belive we are staying at the Monte Carlo..

    I don't know if we will have a rental car as part of the package so this may limit where we can go, but it would be nice to get out and see the overlooked areas too...
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    If you plan on checking out Hoover dam or driving anywhere for that matter, you have to go to Sunbelt motors (i believe that's the name).

    It's about a 5 minute walk north of the Flamingo Hilton on the same side of the street and they only rent convertables!

    we rented a miata for the day (including insurance) for $65.

    They have BMW (yup, the Z3), Saab, and even the 6 speed 350HP dodge viper.

    one catch, no reservations, you have to be there at 9am (don't quote me on the time...look them up in the yellow pages when you get there and call to find out) and line up.

    it wasn't too long of a line when we were there....

    the BMW Z3 was $125 for the day and the viper? $350 for the day.

    Don't forget the sunscreen though, my lips have never been that sunburnt!!!!

    we parked at the end of the runway at Nellis (? or is it Edwards?) and the F16 fighters took off right over our heads!! one guy did a flip right after take off and waved too us!!!

    i've got some cool pictures.

    Hope you find it, it's well worth it!
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