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    This thought does not readily apply to the frequent participants here, but is worth considering, I think, of our society in general:

    How did we ever come to such a place where so many, with near unanimity, have agreed to avoid discussions of religion and politics. For, if any are to have community, there are no greater subjects concerning which they must reconcile except that which governs one's thoughts (religion) and that which govern one's deeds (politics). It is understandable that one is not wont to suffer much criticism of that which he holds most dear. However, if his conclusions are warranted, he should welcome vigorous scrutiny as a means of confirmation. Likewise, recognizing the possibility that his conclusions may not be fully founded,he should delight in the correction such examination brings.
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    Threats of banination is usually enough. After that rucuss a few months ago I no longer take part in threads which will invariably upset some-one. I'm sure the mods would be much happier about it too.

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    I think it's a valid point. Our society is so concerned about being PC that if you say anything that could be considered offensive your immediately reprimanded. I quite enjoy getting into serious (heated) discussions with others that differ in my opinion. I may not agree with it but I believe I come away from the discussion with a better understanding of their opinions/beliefs. It also challenges my own beliefs and intellect and helps understand why I choose how i think.

    Overall makes me a more informed person. which is the whole point right?

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