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    For all you gadget heads out there (like myself), I'm sure you already know about this wonderful tech site. They've just improved their website for mobile users. They state that Blazer and PIE are supported and all you have to do is point your mobile's browser to and the website will do it's own magic. Enjoy!
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    I like what I see...thanks
    at&t iPhone3G
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    Nice, thanks for the heads up...
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    I follow engadget and gizmodo on a daily basis, they keep me up to date with all the awesome new gadgets that are made, and some of the funnier more useless ones as well.
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    Engadget is definitely a brilliant site, always well written and with superb doses of sarcasm and humor in there - love their sarcastic headlines, e.g. tonight:

    'It's like a white HTC Trinity, but black'
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    Has anyone else had problems with reading and adding to the comments section of engadget articles. When i click on view full version of a particular article all i get is the article and not the option to add my comments.
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    They still haven't figure out how to let you change the post password.
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    I personally get better results running it through the google converter when reading Engadget

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