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    I was interested in getting an xm portable radio but I am wondering about the reception while walking in the part or in the city also what about the battery life on these things. Lastly I understand you can click and save any song you listen to as a mp3 files. Is this easy to use?

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    absolutely not
    I gotta have more cowbell
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    I don't use a portable one, but I find having one in the car is extremely useful. It's worth paying a monthly fee for not having to listen to commercials every morning. I'm not sure how useful a portable one could be though, they're too expensive for a device which offers the same thing a non-portable version does. If you're using this for work or something similar, I'd suggest purchasing one of the free (after rebate) ones and using a home kit and headphones.

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    and the "without commercials" is a misnomer and it pisses me off.
    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
    There is no spoon.
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    frozencode since I walk, take the kids to sporting events and out an about in a company car I was hoping for some positive feedback on how well they work. My concern is that the portables do not receive very well and the battery life is poor thus Useless for an on the go life style.
    commercials drive me crazy and although xm radio is completely non-commercial it better than over the air. Guess I'll polk around some other forums.
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    I started my XM service with the "Myfi" which I beleive was the "first" portable unit.

    I found I didn't travel out with it as much as I thought I would. It did have a built in receiver but I found in order to get reception in needed to be plugged into to the extra antenna as well.

    Things may have gotten better with the release of these newer portable units but I found it didn't work for me and ended up switching to a more wired unit for me car.

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