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    yesterday, as I was forced to play fetch for somthing like an hour straight in my apartment with my cat, it occurred to me that I should just built an automatic, motion-sensing catapult instead. Cat drops the toy in the bucket (yes, she'll do that), bucket waits for a random period of 5-10 seconds, then launches the toy across the room.

    I think that Lego's new mindstorms should be able to do this - it's got motion sensors, is programmable, etc.

    Anybody here tried NXT? Heck - I read that it has bluetooth - I could make a Treo-remote Robot. A machine that does a different dance depending on who's calling. Possibilities...
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    bluetooth Lego!
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    Quote Originally Posted by septimus View Post
    Cat drops the toy in the bucket (yes, she'll do that)
    What do you feed that thing, i dont even think my dog would do that, would get all scared, but let alone a cat.

    But, yes, sounds like a good idea. And you even got to include your treo, now thats a real treo nut!

    Good luck.
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