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    I've had the Orange Box since beta was available and not once have I tried any of the other games besides TF2. I heard Portal was pretty fun, so I'll probably give it a shot this weekend.

    I still need to finish Bioshock, MoH Airborne, and Halo 3, but with CoD4, Crysis, UT3, and Super Mario Galaxy coming around the corner, I don't think I'll be finishing them anytime soon.
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    I have been a huge HL fan from the beginning. One thing that has drawn me in is the delivery of the story line. It is not a enter in this door and exit that door type of game play. It has a real and continually developing plot, more like a movie than traditional first perspective type of games.

    I think I am about 50 or 60% thru HL2 at the moment. I recently picked up the car and have had the first two major fights with the hunters. I am now racing in the car with the helicopter chasing me just after my first encounter with the combine soldiers.

    I have already arranged for Santa to deliver Mario Galaxy for Christmas. Is CoD4 going to available for the Wii? If so, that one will be on my Christmas list.
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