Is there really a difference? I'm looking for something that lets me monitor my house while I'm not there - I'm really not home very much.

Specifically, more than the house that I want to be able to "watch" is the driveway and the lawn area. Activation on motion, with opportunity to log in and "activate" to watch when I want, would be ideal.

In any case, because this will be "from a distance", I don't think the webcams are good enough quality. Is there anything else that I can use? The greater resolution the better. I had seen the term "network IP cameras" and thought imaybe it was a higher-end, with a different purpose than webcams, but I wasn't sure if those were really higher resolution, and better, or if they were just another name for webcams.

Can anyone recommend any products/type of products? I don't mind putting in some good money, like up to $400-500, but I'd prefer not much more. And course, if there's cheaper, I'm always happy

Thanks very much!!