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    I just bought a new Hewlett Packard desktop PC that has a huge 1 Terabyte hard drive installed! Actually, it's 2 x 500 GB hard drives installed, but that still adds up to a huge 1 TB! The CompUSA rep says this new model just recently came out, and it costs approx $1400+ for the CPU without a monitor.

    I was checking out prices for a Maxtor 1 Terabyte external drive, and this runs for around $700. So for an extra $700 more, might as well buy the whole darn computer! So that's what I did! This is my 4th Hewlett Packard desktop computer in the past 12+ years, and so far I've had pretty decent experience with HP so far.

    My number one biggest problem with all my computers, both desktops and laptops, is that they are always running out of hard drive space due to my large Photoshop files and videos. This 1 Terabyte computer is actually larger than all my previous 3 desktop computers and 3 laptop computers combined!

    My second biggest problem is that as my computers age, they can't keep up with all my multi-tasking needs and keep crashing on me. This new 1 TB model has 2 GB of RAM installed, plus has a second generation Duo Core processor to boot! The HP specs actually say the maximum amount of RAM that can be installed is 8 GB, which is huge!! So hopefull all these elements will meet my computer needs for at least the next several years.

    Any opinions from anyone on this? See link below for more info:
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    I just wondering what your backup device looks like!

    I am excited for is ALWAYS fun to get new toys!

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