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    BBC Article about true colour technology
    edit to add: NewScientist Article
    This will be amazing when it happens - I'm pretty sure it's a when not an if. Imagine displays not limited by the RGB system but able to actually reproduce real colours! How big will the data files have to be to store an image though? Gulp.
    The NewScientist article gives some more info, apparently blues and greens are the main beneficiary. Which makes me wonder if reds are as affected as well, just we don't see red so much in nature.
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    Interesting, but at the same time I wonder....

    Check out the physiology of the human eye. For color vision, the eye uses receptors called "cones." The eye contains three sets of cones, each sensitive to one color of light: red, green, or blue. We "see" the other colors because our brain mixes them to derive the others. I don't think the problem with current displays is really that they only produce red, green and blue light, but that they can't control the intensity and shade of those colors at a finite enough level.

    The new technology sounds cool, though. In 10 years I might be able to afford one.
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    That's true about the eye and that's why we have the RGB system in the first place, it works pretty well. But it's not at the level of reality, and this system sounds like it could be. Mind you, you'll also need an equivalent technology for taking images in the first place.
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