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    I have been trying to tweak my system and several things could have caused a new icon to appear in my taskbar on my laptop PC and maybe it is no problem. But it is odd And I am wondering if it is anything malicious. It is a white icon with red line in the middle and to the right of center is bold yellow capital A. When I roll the cursor over it it says "adaptive." when i right or left click on it nothing happens. I couldn't find any program in "programs" to delete that said "adaptive." Any idea what this and how to either turn it off or delete it?
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    Generally, malicious apps don't make themselves known through an icon in the system tray. You're probably safe.

    If Google doesn't help identify it, you can try Windows Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL, or right-click the task bar and select Task Manager).

    Go to the Task Manager when XP is starting up. Go to the Processes tab, and sort by CPU. During start up, icons appear one at a time in the system tray. At the same time, the corresponding tasks generally will pop up high in the task list at least briefly. Watch the task list when this adaptive icon appears in the system tray.

    If this doesn't work, you can end processes you don't recognize in Windows Task Manager one at a time. When the icon goes away, you'll know which app it was, or at least the program name. If you don't recognize anything in the task list, Google can help you identify what's what. Close all your programs before trying this method. And reboot afterwards.
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    Thanks. I kinds freaked because I couldn't get this thing to give me info info on a right click or respond in any way, so I just reinstalled windows. Real pita but I figured better safe than sorry. Later someone told me it may because in my "tweaks" I had selected to show all hidden programs etc and it might have been caused by that. It might have been a normal part of windows that is always there but we don't see. Oh well. Live and learn!
    Sprint Treo 700p, Sony UX/TX, u720,
    Edirol R-09, Mitsu PK 20, Mimio

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