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    Here I am again, pushing PBS (Charlie Rose). But where else do you get enough time and space to discuss topics beyond soundbites?

    A discussion about Iran, Iraq and the crisis in the Middle East with former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Richard Holbrooke and William Kristol, Editor of The Weekly Standard.

    Both sides are ably represented in this 1 hr debate.

    PS: So, is this program biased just because it is on PBS?
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    Excellent program. Thanks!

    Meet The Press doesn't have deep policy debates as good as this. Regarding Iran's nuclear program, I think talking just delays the inevitable - UN sanctions, Iranian defiance, and the threat of military force. I think it's a good thing that France and Germany are at the table and we're not. That has implications for Europe's obligations when Iran continues to defy the UN.

    As for bias, Charlie Rose isn't a neutral reporter. He takes a position in the debate at times. I have no problem with that though.

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