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    Ok, I noticed today that there are two unauthorized charges on my check card / VISA card.

    One is from a Pizza Hut in Louisville, KY. The amount charged is pretty small. The other is from an online computer store and the amount charged is almost a grand.

    I haven't used my check card online since I purchased my 700P and that was in the beginning of July.

    I have a suspicion that someone maybe at Palm's Treo Store or distribution center in Louisville, KY stole my and possibly other people's credit card numbers.

    The reason I suspect this is that Palm's Treo store online is the only place I have made any transactions with, that is located in Louisville, KY and suddenly there is an unauthorized charge to my account from a Pizza Hut in Louisville, KY and another one for an online computer store. These unauthorized charges were made one day apart.

    Do you guys think I sound crazy here or could there be something to this? I have already called my bank and they've closed my check card account. They have a new check card on the way to me.

    Another thing that sucks is that my back can't do anything about those unauthorized charges until they actually post to my account. Right now they're listed is pending charges.
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    Oh yeah, I know Palm's Treo Store or at least their distribution center is located in Louisville, KY because it shows "Louisville, KY" after the debit from Palm when I look at my account online. Also, the return labels I received to send my defective 700P's back all had a Louisville, KY delivery address.
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    That sucks if its the case. Every time I use my check card online, I wonder if that will happen to me. I should just use a real credit card instead. I don't remember where my 700p from Palm came out of, but I will keep a lookout now. Thanks for the heads up.
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    While I agree it's suspicous that the charges are from Louisville, and that's the only place you used the card.

    but...If it's a debit card, doesn't the person need a PIN? I don't think their online system would keep that past the initial authroization, but who knows - Sprint's system are pieces of poo.

    This is typical credit card theft MO. Make a small charge to see if the card is good, then a big one to cash in.

    I would recommend using a acredit card and never a debit card - your protection is much greater with a credit card.
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    I don't need a pin to use it since there's a VISA logo on it. It's a check card, bit it's also a a credit card. Hard to explain.

    Whenever I checkout at a local store I can choose debit or credit when I use this card.
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    never seen that...anytime ilve used or seen someone choose "debit", they have to enter their PIN.
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    I think that's his point. Whoever stole his card number used it as credit.

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    gotcha....never seen a dual-purpose card, only ATM /Checkcards and regular credit cards.

    Learn something new everyday....

    Although I guess if it's Visa, I wouldn't know...they are the worst out there in terms of service.

    I stick with Amex and, if I have to, MC.
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    AMEX is pretty bad. The Air Force has even stopped issuing AMEX to officers on deployment.

    They were being double charged by AMEX and AMEX was denying it.
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    I thought most ATM cards had the credit card option these days.

    This incident should be well documented and my impression is that it should be covered by the credit card's insurance. I think you need to keep on top of them regarding what will happen when, and exactly what documentation you need to give them to get your money back.
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    I always use a credit card online. I have one just for that purpose that only has a 2 k limit. I know I am not liable for anything after the first $50 I think it is, but but safe than sorry.

    Anyway, that sucks that this happened but it is a whole new world today. I monitor my credit online with a service. ID theft is so common today. The least of my concerns would be pizza. This could just be the tip of the iceburg.
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    Amex rules compared to Visa/MC.

    have a problem, and they tell you to pound sand (esp.Visa)

    Amex, on the other hand, is more pro-sumer than most.

    After over 20 years with credit cards, it's Amex first and everyone else last.
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    Since they only had the number of your VISA Check card, I would think that the person who used it may actually work at that Pizza Hut (or possibly know someone) who would type the number into the cash register without seeeing the card. (I'm not sure a takeout would take a credit-card number over the phone.) Whoever did this to you is not the brightest, as ordering merchandise online, it has to be mailed to somewhere. Of course by the time you saw the charge on your bill, they probably already had their merchandise, right? It's too bad the police don't chase things like this down. They have a Pizza Hut where someone works or possibly knows someone, plus a mailing addresss where someone might work. You'ld think that would be enough of leads, but for some reason noone ever chases these sort of things down. To Bad.

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    The company this person placed the almost a grand order on actually called me today. I don't know how they had my phone number, but they wanted to confirm order info. with me. I told them that I had called my bank already to inform them of the fraud. The rep. from this company was pretty nice about it. She said that the order hadn't shipped out yet, but it was sent to the warehouse. She sent a notice to the warehouse to halt the order.

    She even gave me the name and address of the person who placed the fraudulent order w/ my card. I called my bank again and told them that this company gave me some info., but my bank said that it doesn't matter because they are investigating the matter and once the charge actually posts to my account, they'll automatically credit my account with the lost amount.
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    post the guy's name and address here (or PM a few of us).

    We'd like to pay a "visit" to this punk and have a little "chat" about right and wrong and not stealing.

    Please, pretty please....
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    Should I post such information here?
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi
    Should I post such information here?
    no and no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi
    Should I post such information here?
    Absolutely not! I think mikec is just joking.

    Good that the issue is getting resolved (because you have been on top of it). Make sure you check periodically to see if you have gotten the credit.
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    My bank called back today and said my money should be back in my account by midnight tonight. I love my bank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi
    My bank called back today and said my money should be back in my account by midnight tonight. I love my bank.
    What bank? It's nice to know which ones out there are helpful to consumers when this happens.
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