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    I'm sure everyone here knows about Warfare Incorporated, it's a great game. Even better is that it supports TCP/IP multiplayer games. I was thinking that it might be fun to organize a mini RTS tournament, and if enough people want to participate maybe setup some prizes. I don't know the interest level in such an event, but I do know that TCP/IP games for Palm OS are incredibly under represented. This could be a way to get them on the map. Anyone in?

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    I LOVE that game!!!!!! I must admit that I have never tried the online options. I can look it up....but I'm lazy......Does it work over 1x or do you have to have WIFI.
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    It works over 1x or any other network medium which utilizes TCP/IP. It would be incredibly slow if a mobile device was hosting, so I took the liberty of setting up a dedicated host on a 624MHz WM2003 device over WiFi. I'm hoping to find a wired NIC for the device soon though. Until I can find a more automated method, this will be the best I can do. The lag isn't horrible either, so it's not so bad.

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    Just a small update:

    I've setup a site with all of the information, rules, etc. It looks like there is some interest in this, so I've decided to set up prizes for the winner. You have to register by the 20th to qualify for prizes and by the 25th to enter the tournament.

    Warfare Incorporated Mobile Tournament

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    Do you guys play with Star Wars dolls too?
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    Just a blow up Princess Leia
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    Quote Originally Posted by Advance The Man
    Do you guys play with Star Wars dolls too?
    "Mock the things they understand not, they do" -- Yoda (or at least he probably would have said if he was a TC member that hung out on a Saturday night here in the Off Topic forums)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woof
    Just a blow up Princess Leia

    No way! You have one of those too?

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