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    Consider these nuggets, and tell me if you agree, that this is strange. I understand you may disagree w/ some of these, but feel free to add some if you know of some

    Progressives openly hope for the CIA to reassert its power and for the uniformed officers of the Pentagon to disobey the insane political leadership of the country.

    Progressive democratic bloggers and posters applaud the writings and broadcast opinions of Pat Buchanan, John "Watergate" Dean (a self described Goldwater Republican), Lou Dobbs and various Reagan era republicans.

    Hillary Clinton is being given a fundraiser by Rupert Murdoch.

    Connecticut Democrats are flocking to support Ned Lamont, a recent convert from the Republican party to the Democratic Party, against the Democrats' 2000 Vice Presidential nominee, Joseph Lieberman, who despite his support for the Iraq war and blatant hypocrisy and disloyalty to the party did have a pretty good Democratic voting record.

    The US Armed Forces have somehow allowed neo-Nazis to infiltrate the troops deployed in Iraq, but the Ku Klux Klan is holding protests against the Iraq War.

    Al Gore, once a stalwart of the Democratic Leadership Council and Vice President to Bill Clinton, has become the hero of the left wing of the Democratic Party, as Bill Clinton has become like a second son to George Herbert Walker Bush.

    A pro-American government comes to power in Lebanon, touted by the Bush administration just months ago as the fruition of its pro-democracy polices, is attacked by Israel, and the administration stands by and encourages the carnage.
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    The left and the right are closer than we think.... OR

    The issues on which these things turn are very narrow and were looking at it through a broad lens.
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