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    Social Engineering, the Shoppers' Way

    ...Without having an "official" magnetic access card to duplicate, I pulled every card with a magnetic stripe from my wallet, including my bank ATM card, a credit card, and a shopping card from a major grocery store. To my surprise, the first swipe from the shopping card opened the door.

    Once inside, we knew that blending into the environment was going to be a necessity. I needed to get my colleague to a conference room to jack into the network and start port scanning, while I started looking for logins and passwords by flipping keyboards and pulling yellow sticky notes from monitors. We located a men's room that also served as a changing facility for employees. Conveniently, it also contained clean smocks and scrubs for us to use.

    Now dressed in the appropriate attire, we started walking the facility. We located an empty conference room and commandeered it as our place to work. As my colleague jacked into the network and started scanning each address, I started moving through the facility looking for anything that could provide privileged network access....
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    very. missed my calling it seems
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    Interesting, I wonder how much it pays

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