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    Good reading here from MARA (Mobile Antivirus Researchers Association):

    1. Default WiFi routers
    2. Rogue Access Points
    3. Wireless Zero Configuration
    4. Bluetooth exploits:
    ---BlueTooth DoS attacks:
    5. WEP Weaknesses

    Handheld Mobile Devices (Smartphones and PDAs)

    6. Clear Text Encryption Passwords
    7. Malicious Code
    8. Autorun

    Voice Over IP

    9. Multiple VoIP attacks


    10. Lost and stolen devices
    10 is labeled as the biggest. I just listed the headers....lotsa detail at the site.
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    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.
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    LOL Bluejacking is a vulnerability? It's as malicious as passing a note during study hall!

    I think number 5 should have been number 10. It's ridiculously easy to crack WEP keys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    10. Lost and stolen devices
    doesnt sprint have a prevention system for stolen phones?

    i saw a commericial about that recently.
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    No, the phone is the "theft deterrent system"....someone tries to take your wallet , you throw the phone at his head.
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    And if they catch it you better hope they don't run away with it.
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    If I throw a large boulder at you and you catch it, will you run away with it?

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