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    Anyone tried calling customer support at Capital One card lately? Trying to get through to a real person on their 800 number is a pisser!

    I'll give you one piece of advice...don't use the automated system, because you'll never get through to a live person. Instead, call the 800 number, and don't press anything. After a few long minutes of listening to a woman's voice in both English and Spanish, you will finally get through to someone.

    I complained to a supervisor at Capital One about their wretched toll free automated service, and the supervisor said they know about the problem and should make improvements soon. I'm not holding my breath.

    They should spend less on their silly TV commercials "what's in your wallet?" and spend more on improving their support number technology! What's in my wallet will not be a useless Capital One card the way they're going!

    Just my .02 cents of rant today!
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    Hear Hear!!!
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    Most bigger companies are headed that way. I guess it's a lot of trouble to speak to people who make them rich!

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